Café Heyokay in A Place To

When A Place To Esbjerg opens in February, it will be with a brand new café on the ground floor. The café is called Heyokay and it will be a new exciting meeting place for everyone in Esbjerg, as well as all A Place To residents and hotel guests.

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Monday, October 19, 2020
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Heyokay is a kind of ‘home away from home’ concept, where young people can hang-out together and stay from morning to evening in beautiful and inviting surroundings.

Delicious, healthy and tasty food is served here, as well as daily necessaries such as toothpaste, oatmeal or milk - adapted to a student wallet.

Heyokay offers a great start to the day with a nutritious breakfast or a quick cup of coffee. There is also space for you to sit and work all day, invite the family to dinner or meet with friends for game nights, music and interesting lectures.

"We want to create a dynamic place, where young people have the opportunity to be a part of the identity creation and where our most important role is to ensure that they feel welcome, are seen and taken care of." says founder of Heyokay, Marie Louise Rønnebæk-Rørth.

Heyokay's employees are young people who are dedicated to create a very special atmosphere and culture, where it is about more than good service - namely the desire to be with other people. To create a space that makes young people's everyday lives easier, morefun, more vibrant and, above all, less lonely. A place where we help young people take care of themselves - and each other.

“Heyokay is our answer to a common space where young people can seek each other and betogether. A kind of breathing space with an ambition to help young people find themselves and each other, so that loneliness, stress and perfectionism does not take over their lives. ”says Marie Louise Rønnebæk-Rørth.


Heyokay is founded by Marie Louise Rønnebæk-Rørth who has more than 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry and therefore has superior knowledge of this industry, both in terms of development and operation.

Marie has also worked as a consultant for large and small companies in concept development, interior design, trends and business optimization.
She has carefully selected a competent team of young people who both study and have industry experience. Being young students themselves, they understand the needs and desires of the target group. This creates the right connection between the young people whowill become an important part of the community.

Going forward, this team will create and be the culture of Heyokay in A Place To.

"Our team is an important partof Heyokay's success - they have to be involved from the start and come with inputs that help shape the community and business. Among other things, they will be responsible forhiring their future colleagues, first in Esbjerg and later in several of our future locations. This ensures the creation of a unique culture in all the Heyokay places to come.” concludes Marie Louise Rønnebæk-Rørth.

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CMO, A Place To