A Place To Esbjerg Nominated to "Projektprisen 2019"

A Place To Esbjerg nominated by estatemedia.dk to Projektprisen 2019

Published on
Friday, July 19, 2019
Written by
Lau Rentius

Excerpt from estatemedia.dk:

For the eighth year in a row, Estate Media will be awarding a prize to selected profiles from the industry on August 29. The nominees have helped to show best practice in an exemplary manner within their field.

Up to and including August 18, you may cast your vote on the nominees. Estate Media Awards 2019 consists of the Welcome Award, the Project Prize, the Transaction Prize, the Annual Prize, and the Year's Model.

The prize goes to the best and most remarkable new project in 2018/2019.

The award can be given for energy accuracy, for an innovative project type or most likely for the project as a whole, for the architectural design or a particular location.

There are many awards also in Denmark that reward and praise architects. The project price will, therefore, usually go to the developer/team that has been behind a project and been the one that has chosen to allocate the money.

A Place To Esbjerg

A Place To Esbjerg nominated for "Projektprisen 2019" by estatemedia.dk.

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Written by
Lau Rentius
Senior Consultant, A Place To