A Place To

Ask Questions

Who can apply for an apartment at A Place To?

Our apartments are for everyone under education providing a proof of educational activity and newly graduates, who wants to live in our young community. Our hotel-apartments are for everyone.

May we live two people in the apartments?

Of course, you are very welcome, although it’s gonna be tight, but it is no problem for us.

What is the rent for a one room apartment?

In Esbjerg the basis rent is starting at DKK 3.500 a month for a fully furnished one room apartment, with balcony and garden view. To the basis rent is added a monthly charge for your consumption of water, heat and power. There is also a small community fee of  DKK 50 a month for the services provided such as 24/7 security desk, Internet, key service etc.

How long can I stay in the apartment?

You may stay as long as you need to finish your education. If you need to stay longer afteyou may move to an available hotel-apartments.

Can I bring my pet?

No, we are sorry, we do not allow pets in the apartments or common areas.

Can I have my parents or my friends staying over?

Of course you can. If they want to stay over, they may rent one of our hotel-apartments for the occasion.

What kind of services do you provide besides the acommodation?

We offer a wide variety of relevant services. You may want to have you bedlinen changed regularly or you may want to assign our room cleaning service once a week. We also offer laundry service, or you may chose to laundre in our Laundromate.

We offer a nutritious food-plate for a small fee, with a daily choice of a vegetarian or a protein food dish. In the cafe you may shop for a café late, a sandwich or croissant. There will be various relevant services available, such as drycleaning service, mobile or PC repair and bike rental.

Do you offer free parking and secure bike parking?

Yes we offer a limited number of places for the the residents and a storage for the bike.

Can I move to another room or can I move in one of the other A Place To locations?

You are always welcome to consult our webpage providing updated information on current availabilities in our various locations.

Can I bring my own furnitures?

No, the apartments are fully furnished.