A Place To


Is it possible to rent the apartment without furnitures?

There are several reasons why we have chosen to furnish the apartments.

First and foremost, it's to make it easier for you as a tenant. You do not have to go to Ikea, spend a lot of money and then go home and assemble the furniture. And you do not have to drag your aunt's old sofa up into the apartment.
You can move directly into the nice furniture from HAY.

There is another important reason. The many moves in and out of our properties wear out a lot on stairs, elevators, and apartments. That maintenance must be paid for by the tenants. By minimizing this wear and tear, we can keep the rent lower.
The short answer is no. You can not rent the home without furniture.

Who can apply for an apartment at A Place To?

Anyone can apply. When assigning available apartments, we prioritise younger applicants under education or newly graduates. Det er vores koncept.

Our hotel apartments are for everyone, and you can stay there in any short or long term.

What is the rent for a one room apartment?

In A Place To Esbjerg, the rent begins at DKK 3.500 a month for a one-room apartment 23 m2, with a private kitchen, bath, and balcony.

The total rented area, including the share of the common areas, is 30 m2.

The rent is added a monthly prepayment for your consumption of water, heat, power, and a small fee for usage of furniture and high speed Internet.

See under the apartment overview the amounts for each apartment.

How long can I stay in the apartment?

You may stay as long as you like.

What is a deposit?

Deposit is money that you as a tenant pay to us, as security in connection with an agreement to rent the apartment. The deposit will be refunded to you when you move - unless the agreement is breached and there is something that needs to be fixed at your expense. In that case, the cost of the repair will be set off against the deposit.

The prepaid rent is paid at the same time as the first month's rent and the deposit.

Reimbursement of deposit

It is our wish that you can get your entire deposit back when you move out.

We have done a lot to make the apartment easy to look after and maintain.
You can actually prepare your move, so you can get your entire deposit back. All you have to do is follow and complete all the points in the "Checklist when moving" before handing the apartment back to the next tenant and us.

If you have damaged something in the apartment, it must, of course, be repaired. If you have smoked inside the apartment or if you do not clean it yourself, we will send our cleaning team, and you will have to pay for it, and then we will set it off against your deposit.

Termination of the rental agreement

You can cancel your accommodation every 1st of the month.

If we receive your termination e.g., on March 11, your 3-month notice begins from April 1 and three months onwards. In this case, you are liable for the rent up to and including June.

You can quickly vacate the home before the end of the three months, and we will, of course, try to rent out the apartment immediately, but if it is not possible, you must pay rent for the entire notice period.

Can I sublease my apartment?

Yes, it's something that you must take care of yourself, and it's your sole responsibility. You are still liable for the rent and any damages to the property. A sub-tenant must have a lease agreement. This agreement must reflect your lease agreement, and we will arrange for an agreement proposal for you. You must contact the property manager before placing a sublease.

The sublease period must be a minimum of one calendar month.

Am I allowed to smoke in the A Place To building?

Smoking is harmful to the health not only to the smoker but also to others nearby. Therefore we have decided not to allow smoking indoors in the A Place To building.

It is not permitted to smoke inside the apartments or in the shared kitchen. However, you are welcome to smoke outside in designated smoking areas and on the private balconies.

You should also know that smoking in the apartment always require total renovation when you move.

How do I connect to the Internet?

We are offering superfast Internet through fiber, and connection is quite seamless.

There is a WiFi router including cabled access in your apartment, and you will get a password, when you move in.

Connect your devices wireless or through cable. That's it!

Can I bring my pet?

No, unfortunately, it is not possible to have pets in our apartments or in common areas. But your guests may occasionally bring pets to visit.

Do you offer car parking and secure bike storage?

Yes, we offer a limited number of car parkings reserved for our residents and for at monthly fee.

Yes, we offer secure bike storage for our tenants.

What is net and gross area?

The net area is the area that your apartment constitutes. The gross area is the net area added your share of 7 m2 of the common areas - stairs, foyer, etc.

What kind of services do you provide besides the accommodation?

We offer a wide variety of relevant services. You may want to have your bed linen changed regularly, or you may want to assign our room cleaning service once a week. We also offer laundry and dry cleaning service, or you may choose to launder in our Laundromat. You will also be able to rent our e-cars or e-bikes.  And we can arrange for a PC or mobile repair.

Our friends down at the HeyOkay Café will serve you a nutritious meal at students' prices. There will be a daily choice between a vegetarian- and a protein-dish. Further, you will find a convenience store where you can buy everyday necessities.

In the cafe, you may also shop for a bottle of water, a glass of fresh juice, fruit, a café latte, a sandwich or a croissant.

And there is WiFi in all our common areas in the base.

Is it possible to be offered a storage room?

A storage room is an addition of DKK 100 to your monthly rent. The storage space is approximately one cubic meters.

May we live two people in the apartments?

Of course, you are very welcome, although it’s gonna be tight, but it is no problem for us.

Can I get "Boligstoette"?

You may contact borgerservice yourself and calculate, if it is possible to get "boligstoette".

Can I move to another room or APT location?

You are always welcome to consult our website or write to the rental manager for information on current and upcoming vacant apartments in our properties.

Can I have my parents or my friends staying over?

Of course you can. If they want to stay over, and you havn't enough space yourself, they may rent one of our nice hotel-apartments for the occasion.

Is there a common kitchen?

Yes, there is a large communal kitchen with seating for 20 people in each of the three towers. In the communal kitchen, there are three ovens and three hobs. There are also refrigerators and freezers.