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CEO, Founder, A Place To
+45 20 33 69 11
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Senior Consultant, A Place To
Lau Rentius

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Am I allowed to smoke in the A Place To building?

Smoking is harmful to the health not only to the smoker but also to others nearby. Therefore we have decided not to allow smoking indoors in the A Place To building.

It is not permitted to smoke inside the apartments or in the shared kitchen. However, you are welcome to smoke outside in designated smoking areas and on the private balconies.

You should also know that smoking in the apartment always require total renovation when you move.

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Can I bring my pet?

No, unfortunately, it is not possible to have pets in our apartments or in common areas. But your guests may occasionally bring pets to visit.

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Can I get "Boligstoette"?

You may contact borgerservice yourself and calculate, if it is possible to get "boligstoette".

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Can I have my parents or my friends staying over?

Of course you can. If they want to stay over, and you havn't enough space yourself, they may rent one of our nice hotel-apartments for the occasion.

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Can I move to another room or APT location?

You are always welcome to consult our website or write to the rental manager for information on current and upcoming vacant apartments in our properties.

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